Baba Deep Singh Ji Shahid
(1682 - 1757)



BABA DEEP SINGH SHAHID (1682-1757) is one of most honoured martyrs in Sikh history and the founder of the Shahid Misl as well as of the Damdami Taksal. He was tall, strong, and uncommonly brave Sikh who was a bold and fearless saint-soldier, ever ready to risk his life for the Panth.

* At eighteen, received Amrit at Anandpur Sahib in the presence of Guru Gobind Singh Ji
* He spent about 8 years and learned Gurmukhi from Bhai Mani Singh along with horse riding, archery as well as other arms training.
* Met Guru Gobind Singh at Damdama Sahib where Guru Ji asked him to start preaching Sikhism.Later became head "Granthi" at Damdama Sahib.
* Between 1705 and 1728 Baba Deep Singh and Bhai Mani Singh produced a number of hand written copies of the Guru Granth Sahib for distribution among the Sikhs.
* Fought in various wars - In about 1709, Baba Deep Singh Ji joined Banda Singh Bahadur to fight in the battle of Sirhind.
* On the outskirts of Amritsar, Baba ji and heavily outnumbered Sikhs fought two fierce battles against a Mughal force of 20,000. In the second engagement Baba Deep Singh was fatally wounded in the neck but had vowed to die in the precincts of the Golden Temple. He kept his promise and died with his severed head resting on the perkerma of Harimander Sahib.



With thanks to Gurpartap Singh - United Punjab